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Master child mail merge

Hi All,

I want to do a mail merge where there is a master child set of data. for exmaple...display a collection of invoices and under each invoice display all their products...what is the best way...?



I suggest making a section in template, displaying one invoice with a product table marked up for mail merge with regions (see

Then you can copy and merge this section for each invoice-products set.

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Hi, I'm evaluating Aspose.Word and I need some informations about master - child mail merge. In a quite old post, I've read some ideas about using master-child relations defined in dataset in MailMerge functions, that would be very nice and useful. What about this development?

I mean, in the case of known template documents, adding some code and managing MailMerge events is an easy task to do, as shown in samples; but we want to let the user build his own templates. Aspose.Word is a very good tool, but with dataset relations support I think it would be great.


You are right. We have that in mind too. But as we are currently working on lots of other features to add in the next major release, it would hardly be possible to add this particular feature any time soon.

Nevertheless, we are opened to all fair suggestions. Please set forth your ideas on how the master-child MailMerge should look like and we shall consider them for implementation.

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