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Master Header/Footer IsPageNumberVisible setting incorrectly when main master is removed

Please see the attached sample.

The goal of what I'm trying to do is to take a presentation and slice it into smaller presentations- one for each slide, and one presentation containing just the master and any associated non-content slides - slideposition =0.

From a previous post, I'm using a blank presentation as a source and copying in the slides, removing the existing default master, and saving the presentation.

It appears that the headerFooter properties are not being set using the imported master, they are staying the same from the properties of the default master in the blank presentation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Phil,

That is very bad idea to clone master slides with CloneSlide function. It shouldn’t work right.

The best way is clone slide which is inherited from this master. In this case master slide
will be cloned automatically.

If you need to delete old master (why?) you should delete first slide in a presentation and
then call DeleteUnusedMasters function.

Ok, well let me tell you what I'm trying to do and maybe you can recommend a way to do it using Aspose.

I would like to take a presentation and slice it into 1 presentation/slide. I have this part working for the most part thanks to some other replies on this forum. In addition, I want to create a presentation that has only one blank slide and contains the original master slides (including any title master if it is present).

How do you think I can do the master presentation creation with aspose? I have tried deleting every slide, but that raised an error as well.

Thoughts? Any help is appreciated.


The most simple should be deleteing all slides except one (for example title slide)
and deleting all shapes on this slide.

Gotcha. I appreciate all the help. Just one last question then- what happens if the master does not contain any slides? I've seen previous posts saying that Aspose does not support presentations without slides, but I also know that my samples with no slides work within aspose, I just cannot add a new slide to them.

So in the case where I want to have a blank presentation containing only the master (and title master) slides, the algorithm of adding a slide and removing the others fails because I cannot add a new slide.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


For deletinf all slides you have to wait until we will support it.

Thank you for all your help