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Maximum Size of Excel files supported by Aspose cells gridweb

Hi Aspose Team,

What is the maximum size of Excel files possible to be opened in Aspose Cells GridWeb ?



Well, there is not limitation put forth by Aspose.Cells.GridWeb, but surely, the CPU performance and memory usage would be intact/in affect due to the complexity and size of the Excel file that you are loading/generating by Aspose.Cells.GridWeb. In terms of memory, the control does not put any limitations. If you’re loading or creating huge Excel files the process would require more and more resources e.g 10 times or more RAM of the size of the file/workbook. But, this is not final at all as this may vary depending on the type of contents in the sheets, e.g., rich formattings/styles, images, formulas etc. used in the workbook/files, the more you embed these type of objects in the sheets, the more resources you would be needed.

Tahnk you.