Maximun number of concurrent user support



Can any body tell me, how many concurrent users are supported by evaluation copy of Aspose.Excel ? I am not opening the object in browser, I open as “SaveType.OpenInExcel”. First 2-3 users gets a pop up with “open” and “save” buttons, until they click either “open” or “save” buttons, other users don’t get the same dialoguse box. Is that a problem of concurrent access ?

Looking forward for you reply



There isn’t any concurrent limitation in evaluation edition. Which version are you using? Is it the latest v3.4.2? And is there any concurrent access limitation on your IIS?


Hi Laurence

The Aspose DLL says Runtime version v1.0.3705, and version . My application is running on 2000 server, and unlimited user’s can access the site.

Can you suggest me any way to avoid the “File Download” dialog box while using Aspose.excel in ASP.NET (desktop excel report). Every time I generate the report, it displays the dialogue box with “Open”,“Save”,“Cancel” and “More Info” buttons. How can I generate the report directly in desktop (not in web) ?.



You can not disable this dialog box in applications. That’s windows routine to avoid downloading and running malicious files.

It’s easy to use Aspose.Excel in a winform application. Please create a winform project, then add reference to Aspose.Excel.dll. Then you can call it as in a web application.