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Memory leak with PPT export (Java)

I’ve discovered a memory leak.
After a PPT export the Presentation object remains in memory and is somehow not garbage collected.
I’ve analyzed the heap dump in MAT and yourkit profiler but cannot understand why the object remains in memory. This happens only for some exports but those are not really special.

Is there a possibility that the finalize method is stuck and thus the object is dangling?
How to further troubleshoot this?

This is happening on v17.10 as well as in v18.7 after update.
JDK8 is used. The export are being done inside Tomcat7 on Ubuntu16.04.


I have observed your comments. Can you please share source presentation so that we may further investigate to help you out.

@Adnan.Ahmad what exactly would you need?
The source code or a running reproducible example.
The latter will be hard.
Any other advice how to debug the problem first?
Extracting a sharable code will be very difficult.


I like to inform that we need a running example which is reproducing issue on your end so that we may reproduce issue on our end and generate ticket to help you out further.

Pleas find attached an example presentation.
The problem we’re having is that after export the presentation object is not eligible for garbage collection.
If you attach e.g. visualvm and force a GC after the export has happened it will reclaim just a bit of memory that is held.
In my case it was about 600MB occupied memory after export finished and that went down to 500MB after garbage collection was executed (several times).

pptexample.zip (175.9 KB)


I have observed your comments. A ticket with ID SLIDESJAVA-37320 has been logged in our issue management system to further investigate and resolve the issue.This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified automatically as soon as the issue will be resolved.

Has this been solved? I’m seeing the same issue. Memory leak using Aspose Slides v18.7. Ultimately results in the application crashing due to OOM Exception after several transactions.


Yes this issue has been marked as resolved in upcoming Aspose.Slides for Java 18.9 which will be available for use by the end of September 2018. We will share notification with you once it will be available

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESJAVA-37320) have been fixed in this update.