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Memory requirments

I downloaded your eval verison of the Apose.Excel component; very nice! I have a question of what are the memory requirments for using this component - If I have 30 concurrent users trying to export at the same time will there be any issues?


It’s hard to make an accurate estimation for memory. Generally, it depends on the number of concurrent users and the output file size.

For example, in you case, we can make such an estimation.

1. Recommended memory size for dotnet framework: 256MB
2. Average output file size: 1MB
3. Buffer factor: 100%
4. Concurrent user number: 30

256 + 301(1+100%) = 316MB

So I recommend the memory size to be 384MB. Less memory is acceptable but it may slow down the performance.

Other factors should also be considered, such as CPU, I/O, etc.

thanks, that helps!