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Merge all into pdf

I’ve built an ASP.Net application that allows users to textual data with a rich text editor (so it’s saved as html), upload images (gif/jpeg) and upload PDF files. All data (HTML, images and PDF) is stored in the database. The output needs to be a PDF file. Will one of your products do this. Ie, merge all the types of data together into one pdf file?

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You can use Aspose.Pdf to convert HTML and images to PDF. Then you can use Aspose.Pdf.Kit to concatenate different PDF files into one.


How would you compare these tools to the Syncfusion Essential PDF control? I noticed that their control licenses your Aspose contols and perhaps extends them?

Are there any samples that do what I am describing?

thank you


For image to PDF please consult

For HTML to PDF please consult

For concatenating PDF files please consult