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Merge fields in endnotes and footnotes

Hello Roman,

I am sorry to bother you again… Our Word template includes a merge field as an endnote. When the data is read from the database this merge field is ignored. I tried to insert the field in the footer but it was also ignored.

Is this normal or there is a solution?

Once again many thanks for your valuable support.


I am sorry. If the merge field is in the footer it works. The problem is only with the endnote. I will use the footer.

Many many thanks.


We have never used merge fields in endnotes and footnotes so it might be they are not working, although I cannot see why it would be a problem.

Let me know if you are happy with merge fields in footers instead and whether you need a fix for merge fields in endnotes.

I will add merge fields in endnotes to our task list anyway.