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Merge problem when row > ~245

Hello Laurence,

I have a problem when I generate a excel file which I tried to merge cells where row are greater than 245, like this exemple :

Range r= ex.Worksheets[sheet].Cells.CreateRange(339,Convert.ToByte(1),1,14);

This code product the following message (in french) :

"Une exception non gérée du type ‘System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException’ s’est produite dans aspose.excel.dll

Informations supplémentaires : L’argument spécifié n’était pas dans les limites de la plage des valeurs valides."

Could you help me please. Thank.

ps : I am testing the evaluation version.

Which version are you using? I think it’s an earlier version. Please try the attached dll.

Thank for the answer,

It work fine Wink.

It also solve others problems.