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Merged document seems to mangle nested tables

The document that I am using for a merge has a main table with two columns. A few of the cells contain nested tables of say 2 rows X 2 columns. The top row has "fixed" text in both cells. When I look at the merged document, those two separate cells no longer seem to be in separate cells, but rather separate rows, therefore losing the "formatting" that the nested table gave me. Has anyone seen this? Is there a work around?



Aspose.Word can read nested tables, but cannot output then in DOC format yet. The usual procedure is to remove the nested table, split/merge the cells in the single level table and use cell borders to create the same visual effect as when using nested tables.

Is there an E.T.A. for this feature?

Writing nested tables is on our task list, but has not been prioritized yet. Maybe 1-2 months.