MergeRegions with MergeField?


I am building a prototype using the MergeRegions functionality and your example (of students) works very well without using the Merge field.

My scenario is that I have 5 columns where the 5th column is a document and the other columns are coming from a datatable. I am using the Merge Field event handler for getting a section from a word document and adding it to the destination document for the 5th column. The section is added to the Destination document but at the end of all the rows i.e. if I have 5 rows in the table the document section is added after all the five rows of the merge fields instead of adding the content after each row (or at the 5th column)

Please let me know how we can fix this?


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Posted: : Wednesday, August 24, 2005 6:48 AM [GMT -8]
Post Subject: : Re: ExecuteWithRegions

DmitryV wrote:

Determining how many merge fields and regions are in the template is an annoying task, you could probably check MailMerge.GetFieldNames to obtain number of the remaining merge fields contained in the template after each merge execution and either stop it or continue. However, I remember another request that applies to this possibility so I will log this for future implementation if it isn’t already there.