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Merging pptx slideex into template

I am trying to make a template into which we can copy or clone pptx pages.

I have done this by copying a text frame into a pptx template page. What I would like to do now is bring a pptx page into a template which contains a title field.

I have started to do this by cloning the page into a destination document. Then I need to add the title. Can a title in a TextFrameEx on a master page be referenced from aspose?

Is this the best way to do this? How would you bring in content from an external pptx and then add a title and other data from a db into the destination?

Any help is appreciated.

Digging deeper, I have found LayoutSlideEx. I seems that these can not be cloned from one presentation to another; am I missing something?

Is it possible to put a Title field in a LayoutSlideEx and reference it from aspose so that each page which uses that LayoutSlideEx has a different title? If so, I may be trying to go the hard way.

Dear Brad,

I am sorry for the delayed response.

I regret to inform you that functionality for adding LayoutSlidesEx is currently unavailable in Aspose.Slides. The correct way is to add the fields as AutoshapeEx and I am afraid the logic for using LayoutSlides is not possible. For the earlier post, can you please explain me in little more detail along with some presentation data and code snippet explaining the fact.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Hi again Mudassir,

With the help of a coworker, we have moved forward. Putting Placeholders on LayoutSlideExs (or built in fields on MasterSlideExs - footer, title, etc.) is a big step forward. The major hurdle remain is detailed in out other thread <A href="</A>. I will drop this thread and hope for a response on the other.</P> <P>Thanks for your help.</P> <P>Brad</P>

Hi Brad,

Just for your kind information that I have shared my response in your referenced forum post. You may please check my response there.

Thanks and Regards,