Merging Templates with Different Header properties Options?


When merging documents with the same header #, but with different fonts, only one of the fonts will be maintained. I have two questions:
1. Can you give me a timeline when the capability is ready for the merging of the same header with different fonts/formats?
2. Since other companies have this issue, are there any work around options we can consider until this issue is resolved?




Thank you for considering Aspose.

Your issue looks like well-known style copying problem described here:

If this is indeed what mentioned in the thread, then we are planning to fix it soon, probably by the end of the current month. But I’d however ask you to attach your source documents (perhaps zipped) and specify what header(s) shows the issue. This will make it easier for us to understand the problem.


The second paragraph stating “copy formatted text and preserve full formatting” is the issue. With compound documents, this becomes an issue since for legal reasons the original formatting of the merged documents needs to be maintained. Is this what will be in the release towards the end of September?


Yes, we are hoping to resolve issue stated there before the end of September.



Jkoerner and I are working with a customer on a project timeline which is why we are a little persistent in understanding when this would be delivered. We have been asked if you had a best and worse case scenario for delivery so they can adjust their schedules and set expectations correctly. Is this something you can provide?



Unfortunately I can only repeat that we are going to completely resolve style copying problems by the end of September. Moreover, I wouldn’t exclude word “probably” because we usually try not to promise any exact dates - if something suddenly goes wrong so the ETA is delayed, we don’t want to look like liers.

Thank you for understanding.



Does this still look like the functionality will be implemented by the end of September?




Yes John, no plans have been changed.