Merging Word Table cell - by using MailMerge


Hi Aspose.Words team,

Currently, I am using Mail merge with regions to populate data into a Word Table.

My question is, how do I merge the Word table cell when using Mail merge process? (i.e. merging 3 cells into 1 cell, so I could populate the data in this merged cell). I want to place a "title text" into this merged cell.

I am just wondering, if I could use the "MergeFieldEventHandler" to control word table cell formating?

Thank you.




Yes, MergeField event handler can be used to format cell. To locate cell that contains field that triggered MergeField event use DocumentBuilder. For example,

DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(e.Document);


Cell cell = (Cell)builder.CurrentParagraph.GetAncestor(typeof(Aspose.Words.Cell));



Thanks Vladimir,

I works perfectly.