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Method 'Aspose.Word.Document.Save' in FW 4.0


We currently develop a NET Framework 4.0 WPF application, and we are adding a reference to Aspose.Words (version that resides in net2.0 folder. When we execute the application we get the following error:

Method not found: 'Aspose.Words.Saving.SaveOutputParameters Aspose.Words.Document.Save(System.String, Aspose.Words.SaveFormat)'.

If we change our target framework to .NET Framework 3.5, it works fine, but we're hoping to keep our target framework as-is. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mario,

Thanks for your inquiry. I was unable to reproduce this issue on my side. I have attached a sample WpfApplication here for your reference. This application targets .Net Framework 4 and references Aspose.Words’ assembly that resides in net2.0 folder. Could you please run this application on your side and let us know how it goes? Moreover, please attach your WpfApplication here for testing; I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.

Best Regards,