Method signatures are changed in Aspose.words 9.0.0


I was using Aspose.words 8.2.2, but unfortunately my code related to aspose words was not functioning when i refer new aspose words 9.0.0 dlls. Method signatures were modified in latest dlls. The following code was working fine for me when I use v8.2.2 dlls.

doc.SaveOptions.HtmlExportImageSaving += new ExportImageSavingEventHandler(SaveOptions_HtmlExportImageSaving);

void SaveOptions_HtmlExportImageSaving(object sender, ExportImageSavingEventArgs e) //second argument was the error
    // string ext = Path.GetExtension(e.ImageFileName);
    string ext = ".jpg";
    e.ImageFileName = string.Format("img{0}{1}", mImgCounter, ext);

Could you please suggest me what arguments I have to pass to SaveOptions_HtmlExportImageSaving() method when using v9.0.0 dlls?



Thanks for your inquiry. Signature was not changed. ExportImageSavingEventArgs just was moved to Aspose.Words.Saving namespace:
So you need just add the following line of code:

using Aspose.Words.Saving;

Best regards.