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MHT to Jpg Conversion missing images

Upon converting an mht to a jpg. images within seem to be lost and replaced with the ‘not found’ red cross.

just wondering what the fix to this would be.

wrote quick test to replicate below.
The required jpg is made where expected but with the missing images in the jpg being the red crosses.

public void WordFileThumbNailGenerate()
var doc = new Document(“C:\Test\Campaign.mht”);

var options = GetImageSaveOptions(doc, 0, 100, 100);

doc.Save(“C:\Test\EmailThumbnail_100x100.jpg”, options);

private ImageSaveOptions GetImageSaveOptions(Document document, int pageNumber, float resolution, int? size)
var dSize = document.GetPageInfo(pageNumber).GetSizeInPixels(1, resolution);
var options = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFormat.Jpeg)
Resolution = resolution,
PageIndex = pageNumber,
PageCount = 1,
PixelFormat = ImagePixelFormat.Format24BppRgb
if (size.HasValue)
options.Scale = (float)size / (dSize.Height > dSize.Width ? dSize.Height : dSize.Width);
return options;

any ideas on what could be causing this to occur?


Hi Tom,

Can you please share your sample MHT as well?

Best Regards,