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Mhtml format difference between 19.10 and 19.11


We’ve converted an .eml file to .mhtml and noticed its content is different when using Aspose.Email 19.10 or 19.11. The problem with the 19.11 mhtml is that all boundaries have the same name and thus when we convert it to png (with Aspose.Words), extra content are being displayed.

Please find enclosed a zip file where you can find the eml and the two mhtml generated with both versions.

Best regards

test.zip (9.9 KB)


I have observed your requirements and request you to please share that which API of Aspose.Email for Java you have used on your end along with used sample code. Moreover, in both MHTML files, I am unable to observe the difference. Can you please be kind enough to share the snapshot of two MHTML and highlighting the difference in rendering.

Here are the differences between the two mhtml :
diff1.png (23.8 KB)
diff2.png (5.0 KB)
diff3.png (5.1 KB)

When you instanciate a Aspose.Words.Document with 19-10.mhml, the Pages property has 1 item.
When you instanciate a Aspose.Words.Document with 19-11.mhml, the Pages property has 3 items.

Like I said previously, it seems to be related the way “boundaries” are handled in mhtml files?


Can you please also provide the requested information.

var mail = MailMessage.Load(@"C:\Temp\indemnisation.casino.aml-170608043735-1.eml");

        var options = new MhtSaveOptions
            MailMessageSaveType = MailMessageSaveType.MHtmlFormat

        mail.Save(@"C:\Temp\body.mhtml", options);

        var wordDocument = new Aspose.Words.Document(@"C:\Temp\body.mhtml");

        Console.WriteLine("Pages : " + wordDocument.PageCount);

When I run this .NET code with Aspose.Email 19.10 and Aspose.Words 18.6, output is : “Pages : 1”
When I run this .NET code with Aspose.Email 19.11 and Aspose.Words 18.6, output is : “Pages : 4”


Thank you for sharing the information with us. An issue with ID EMAILNET-39680 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILNET-39680) have been fixed in this update.