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Microsoft Media Player

I created a Powerpoint Presentation that has a Microsoft Media Player object on a slide and an associated file name to play. I am trying to duplicate this in Aspose.Slides. What would be the best way to implement this? My video does not play using the VideoFrame shape. The video is avi format, but is also DivX 6. Is this a problem?

I have tried the code below:

Dim vidFrame As VideoFrame = slideCamera.Shapes.AddVideoFrame(200, 400, 4000, 3000, "C:\Test.avi")

The frame is created in my presentation, but does not display anything or play anything.

Thanks in advance


By default Aspose.Slides inserts video frame without any animation effects.
It means you should click movie clip with mouse to play it in slide show mode.

If you need automatically play it you should also add animation effect to this frame.

’ initialize animations
vidFrame.AnimationSettings.EntryEffect = ShapeEntryEffect.Cut
’ set automatic play options when MS PowerPoint show the slide
vidFrame.AnimationSettings.AdvanceMode = ShapeAdvanceMode.AdvanceOnTime;
vidFrame.AnimationSettings.AdvanceTime = 0.0d;
vidFrame.AnimationSettings.AnimationOrder = 2;