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Migrating from vs2003 to vs2005 - embedding Apose.Words.lic?


I am migrating a solution built in vs2003 to vs2005.

I am having a problem with Apose.Words.lic. In vs2003 I set the build action to *embed* Apose.Words.lic. Then I placed the following in my Global.aspx Application_Start method.

Apose.Words.License oLicense = new Apose.Words.License();


This worked great in vs2003 but how do I set the build action to embed Apose.Words.lic in vs2005.


Setting the build action for the file included in solution is made in exactly same way in VS2005, as in VS2003, using the Properties window.

I highlight Apose.Words.lic in the vs2005 solution explorer of my *Web Site Project*. The property windows does not have a *build option*. There are only 2 properties:

1)File Name

2)File Path

Please advise


Seems that web site project is organized quite differently in VS2005. I have not found how to make a license file an embedded resource yet.

The workaround is putting license file to a 'Bin' directory of Web site project, adding global.asax file to the project and adding the license initialization code to Application_Start handler in global.asax file.

It seems like the Build Action property is not allowed for VS 2005 Web project files at all… So please use the workaround suggested by Vladimir.