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Migrating to latest version Aspose.barcode.dll 7.0 version issue


I am having problem to migrate my aspose.barcode.dll to latest version… i.e 7.0.
its asking to update Aspose.BarcodeRecognisation.dll.
i talked to Aspose support Team. He told to remove Aspose.BarcodeRecognisation.dll from the code. which has been merged in aspose.barcode.dll.

When i did the same. i got some Error

Please find commented line in Image.

Could you help me to solve this?

Many Thanks
Hi Niraj,

Thank you for contacting support. Please note these points:

EAN128: Our new symbology GS1Code128 covers all cases of EAN128 which are fine with GS1 rules. Such EAN128 which are not ok, will be counted as regular Code128.

BooklandEAN: We have replaced BooklandEAN with ISBN, ISMN and ISSN. BooklandEAN is a nickname of ISBN.

DatabarLimited: It's available under BarCodeReadType enum. Please use BarCodeReadType.DatabarLimited instead of BarCodeReadType.DataBarLimited.

DataBar: We have removed Databar because it was a general term. We have added whole Databar family codes as follows: DatabarExpanded, DatabarExpandedStacked, DatabarLimited, DatabarOmniDirectional, DatabarStacked, DatabarStackedOmniDirectional and DatabarTruncated. Please select an appropriate one.

Please feel free to asked if you have another question or comments.