Missing attachments

Aspose 5.6.0/C#

I have a (partial) MSG file with 7 attachments

Its partial because in the fixed-length properties, the Stream length for the attachment body is set to zero

Aspose is only able to decode 3 of these attachments, the others get "lost" somehow

I uploaded the "fixed" properties for each attachment but unfortunately there is customer data in the file so I cannot upload the entire file


Thank you for posting your inquiry.

This is an evaluation limitation that allows to download/decode only 3 attachments from a MSG file. Please get a 30-day temporary license free of cost from here and evaluate the product without any limitations.

Thanks for your response, We actually do have a license but it seems I was failing to initialize it correctly. I will try with the license applied correctly!



Please verify at your end and share your feedback with us for further assistance.

Works great now. Thanks!

That was embarrassing

Hi Dev,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. Please feel free to write to us if you have any other query related to the Aspose.Email API.