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Missing "createPortionFormatEffective()" method in last AS version (2520)


We are going to update to your latest version, but there is a problem that blocking us.

There was a method in the version we are currently using named “createPortionFormatEffective()” (declarated in IPortion interface and defined in Portion class). The problem is that in newer versions it does not exist.

Can you give us any workaround?

Best regards!


Which Aspose API you are using? Do you use Aspose.Slides for Java? Please provide more details about your issue, so we could assist you accordingly.


We are currently using Aspose Slides for Java v19.4 and would like to update to the latest version of your product (v21.1).

As I said before, the problem is that the method that was part of your API (createPortionFormatEffective()), which we use in several places in our code, does not exist in the latest version (v21.1).

I would be very grateful if you could reply to us as soon as possible, which method replaced the above method within your API so that we can handle the problem in our source code and update to the latest version of your product.

Best regards!


Thanks for providing further details.

I am moving your thread to Aspose.Slides forum where one of my fellow colleagues will help you soon there.

Please try using following sample code as the said method has been replaced by following:

IPortionFormatEffectiveData effectiveportionformat=port.getPortionFormat().getEffective();

@Amjad_Sahi and @mudassir.fayyaz

Thanks a lot both of you! The solution you submitted works fine and was provided quickly!

Through our tests, we came across some bugs related to the .pot format and text effects along the way, but we’ll talk about that on another occasion.

Thanks again!

Best regards!


You are always welcome to share any incurring issue in API.