Missing header text/table header colouring


on page 3 of the following document the table headings are missing (or not coloured white if they are there).

missing header.zip (389.2 KB)

in the zip is the rtf, then there is a pdf generated by a BCL converter (which is basically word->Save As PDF), and another pdf which is generated by

var Doc = new Document( “<path to the rtf doc”);
Doc.Save( “”, PDF );

all the other headings in the document seem fine.



While using the latest version of Aspose.Words i.e. 17.10, we managed to reproduce this issue on our end. We have logged this issue in our bug tracking system. The ID of this issue is WORDSNET-16117. Your thread has also been linked to this issue and you will be notified as soon as it is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Wordsnet-16117 is listed as closed. is there a resolution for this issue ?



Yes, this issue (WORDSNET-16117) has now been resolved. The fix of this issue will be available in 18.1 (January 2018) release of Aspose.Words. We will inform you via this thread as soon as this release containing the fix will be available.


thank you very much.



The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-16117) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for .NET 18.1 update and this Aspose.Words for Java 18.1 update.

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