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Modify xfa while keeping extended rights

I’ve been looking into Aspose for a while now and it looks very promising, but I have one question.

I have a pdf (xfa form) on my web server with an empty dropdownlist. I need that, when the client clicks a download link, the pdf is merged with an xml file that is also stored on the server, so as to prepopulate the dropdownlist.

Now, the form has a pdf417 2d barcode, so the form needs to have extended rights enabled because the client might not have Acrobat.

Is it possible to modify the pdf’s xfa all while keeping extended rights on the form?

Any insight on this is appreciated.

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for your interest in our products.

Please visit the following link for information on Preserve Extended Rights feature while working with Forms

In case you encounter any issue, please share the resource files and the code snippet which you are using so that we can test the scenario at our end.