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Modifying MailMerged Tables

Based on the demo’s, it appears that you can either build a document from scratch with the builder and format it any way you want OR mailmerge an existing template BUT NOT BOTH. Please tell me I’m wrong.

With the AddHandler function, I can change cell shading during the merge but nothing else (e.g. font bolding or color, inserting different text into the cell, etc.). So, after the ExecuteWithRegions but before moving the new table into the destination document, I iterate through all the cells with the builder and try to change the font formatting. The MoveToCell commands seem to work, but the DocBuilder.Font.Bold = True type commands do nothing.

Can I change text and font properties with the builder AFTER mailmerging a template?


With DocumentBuilder you can build various objects from scratch or in an existing document, but changing formatting of existing objects requires some improvements of the current object model. We are working on it; currently it's impossible to modify formatting of objects that already exist in the document.