Month- Year- Week- Recurrence- Details Views


I want to use the calendar or recurrence (or both) to create a web based calendar system for a website I am working on.

I am using SQL database but i can use xml to store the information. I have many factors that i have to deal with.

Calendar views: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Time, all Recurrences, and details

I need these for the company I am developing for. I have created a web based version in Classic asp which does all this exactly like MS Outlook but I have to create an ASP.Net version in VB.Net.

The company needs to have multiple calendars for different departments so that has to be stored along with the event. There can be 20 departments and 12 can have access to one event. That way when the department is logged in and viewing the calendar they see only events that they are allowed to see.

Is there a way to get an ID for the event you are entering so that I can create an EventsToDepartments table and relate the 2?

Are you going to come out with an actual calendar system with these components or will they always be listed events.

I need to be able to create a recurrence and then if they want to edit a time or detail info on one date then they can do so while keeping it in the same recurrence pattern.

Is any of this possible or going to be added into future versions? If so which and when?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I was going to convert mine over from Classic ASP to .Net but I saw your recurrence and iCalendar and figured I better ask before doing so.




This is a relevant topic, please have a look.

Both Aspose.Recurrence and Aspose.iCalendar are just recurrence engines at the moment. They calculate occurrence dates when given a recurrence pattern. Aspose.iCalendar is more powerful because it supports time patterns and is compatible with iCalendar format for recurrence patterns.

At the moment our products do not provide classes to represent tasks, events, calendar ets.

We believe that processing recurrence patterns is one of the most important and complex things of many calendaring applications and should be reliable and fast. That’s were we concentrated our efforts so far.

On the other hands, “data” classes like events, tasks, meetins, locations, categories etc are easy to create. We leave this to our customers because these could be different and unique needs for each customer. To support this idea we even include simple Task class in the demo project. A task is basically a calendar event that has name, description and recurrence pattern.

To be honest, the demand from several customers to provide other calendar classes to represent tasks and events caught us by surprise and we consider implementing the rest of iCalendar specification to include all those classes.