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More examples

I have two questions regarding the new Power Point product:
1. Will there be more examples present in the new future, like there is for the Word or Excel products?
2. If a company purchases the product, is it possible to hire someone from the company to develop the first application or two with the product? If so, then what is the procedure and details regarding this?

Dear Randy,

Sure we will write more examples. Demo which shows how to work with Pictures will be included to the next hot fix.
Each time after adding new significant features we will write and add new demos.

Dear Randy,

For your second question, what do you mean? You can provide some applications based on Aspose.PowerPoint with C#/VB source code?

Yes. That is what I mean. To provide some applications based on Aspose.PowerPoint with C#/VB source code.
Can you also give the link again for the Power Point Hot Fixes? By a Hot Fix, to you mean a maintainence release of the product?

Can someone from the development team contact me offline ASAP via email regarding code development in C# or VB? We have a single powerpoint template, where we need fields from an SQL table, replacing the text in PowerPoint (probably just one slide). Of course, my company would not only purchase the product, but also pay for the labor. I need to get a price first, and it is probably a simple application. Can someone contact me to discuss whether someone from the team could do this, and what it would Approximately cost? I am headquartered in the USA. Thanks.

Hi Randy,

I am a VB.NET developer in Orange County, CA and I’ve built an application using Aspose.PowerPoint for the company I work for here.

I’m available immediately to build the application for you if you are interested. I figure I could have it banged out for you as early as tomorrow.

Email me at if you are interested.



Can somebody provide me an example of how to change the images in runtime using Aspose.PowerPoint. I have the hotfix installed.


Dear Jai,

Last Aspose.PowerPoint.Pictures demo in the installer contains commented code how to change pictures in a frames.
We will provide full demo soon.