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I’m interested in your software “Aspose.powerpoint” but would like to know some questions as show below:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  1. This Component version can use with Delphi , Delphi.Net, Delphi 2005, Visual VB.Net,C#.Net, ASP.Net
  2. From Is it auto generate power point file?
  3. Is it auto generate slide in power point?
    1. Program --> Auto Create Power point à Auto Create Slide (1,2,3 Slide as on demand)
  4. Can export Chart to power point?
  5. when export chart to power point, is it can edit data/chart on power point?
  1. Probably except old Delphi.
    2, 3. What you mean auto generate?
    4. There are two ways. At first, you can create image of chart with Aspose.Chart and insert it as image to a slide. The second way is create chart in Aspose.Excel (Excel chart) and replace some excel chart on a slide with your new data. In this case you can edit chart data later in MS PowerPoint but one small problem, you should update OLE object directly in MS PowerPoint to show correct image on a slide.
  1. What version of delphi, are you available
    2,3 It’s mean when export aspose.chart to power point it’s auto create power point file?
    4 I’m OK
    5. If i’m order aspose.chart and export to power point. can i edit data on power point?