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Moved image location

We are using aspose to replace merge fields with data, image and text. For the most part it works correctly but occasionally a user has done something to the document template which produces an undisirable result, the image placement is not in the desired location.

I have included sample documents. The first is the original document and the second is the same document after the merge fields have been replaced w/ data. The image (in the footer of each page) should appear in the left pane but it is moved to the bottom of the other merge fields. What adds to the problem is that there is no indication that this error has occured to prevent the document from being further processed.

Could you tell me why the document is producing this result. Is there any way to prevent this from happening.

Thank you,


The documents were not attached correctly. Please reattach the documents.

It looks like I can only attach one document at a time so I'm attaching the before document with this post and the after document will be attached to the second message.

The attached doc, shows the position of the merge fields in the footer area of each page. Note that the merge field that is to be replaced with the gif image is located in the left side pane of the box.

Attached with this message is the same document after it has been processed. The image, which should appear in the left pane is positioned at the bottom of the right pane. BTW, aspose.word ver. 3.3.5 is installed, OS is windows server 2003.

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Yes, image mailmerge does not behave as expected. Please allow several days to find out a fix or workaround.

There are three shapes grouped together in the footer of your document. Grouped shapes are not fully supported by Aspose.Word and may cause problems in your templates. Ungroup shapes as a temporary workaround.

We shall add support for grouped shapes in one of the future releases. Meanwhile, try not to use grouping whenever possible.