MoveToParagraph fails after MoveToBookmark and adding and deleting rows


Here's what I'm trying to do:

My application is creating a table spread over several pages. The starting document has a bookmarked section with a table that I use as a template- I clone rows in the template table, fill their cells, then append them to the template table. When enough rows have been added on the current page, I delete the template rows, leaving the appended rows, navigate to the end of the section, then insert a page break and repeat the process.

Here's the problem:

If I navigate with documentBuilder.MoveToBookmark(), then after adding & deleting rows when I call documentBuilder.MoveToParagraph(-1,-1) to get to the end of the section, where I want to insert a page break, I get a null reference exception.

Here's a work-around I've discovered:

If after builder.MoveToBookmark I call


then add/delete rows, then builder.MoveToParagraph(-1,-1) does not throw an exception and works fine.

It looks like the currency of the section is somehow not being set/maintained causing the null reference exception.

Please let me know if I'm missing something. An exanple doc and code [with the work around commented out] are attached.


-Charu Tevari

John Hancock Life Insurance, Boston, MA, USA


Looks like attachment failed to link correctly. Please reattach it. Don't use preview - it sometimes prevent the attachment process to work correctly.


Here it is ...


Yes, that behavior does seem incorrect. I'll check if it could be corrected in the next hotfix.

Thanks for reporting.