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MS OFFICE OR WORD required for ASPOSE.WORDS to work

hi, Can you please let me know if we use aspose.words in a backend code of a page; would we require ms office or ms word to be installed on the Server.

Is there a dependency on MS OFFICE OR MS WORD for the ASPOSE.words document generation library to work.


Hi Parshuram,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Aspose.Words is a class library that supports working with Microsoft Word and other document formats programmatically. Basically, it is a DLL (Aspose.Words.dll) which provides you the API for working with a document object model. In case you're publishing a web application to a deployment server, all you have to do is to keep the DLL in the Bin directory of your site.

Secondly no Aspose.Words doesn't require Microsoft Office to be installed; Aspose components are totally independent and are not affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

Best regards,