MS Office thicket files


Does your word/office component(s) support the manipulation (opening/editing/saving/etc.) of thicket files? Thicket files are html version of office documents that save graphics and other associated files inside a folder – with the same name and at the same hierarchical level – of the htm file.



I think it might be problematic, but not because of the location of image files, but because HTML produced by MS Word is notoriously complex and has MS specific extensions. Aspose.Word can read HTML files, but not all CSS is supported at the moment, see this article for info on import/export features


Can the components provide the following functionality that I require:

Open thicket files and then save them as their native file type (.doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.)?

I can perform this via OLE automation but need to perform this task on a server and don't want to install MS Office on the server.


If these are HTML files created by MS Word, you might have trouble opening them using Aspose.Word as some formatting might be lost or it might even not be able to read some formatting info at all.