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MS Word Versioning with Aspose

We produce software for the title industry here in the US. In our core product, written in Delphi, we currently use an RTF engine to produce live documents --.rtf templates with database merge fields and SQL statements run with this engine and create documents. We create these templates in Word, as do our customers. We have noticed that if documents created in Word 2000 are edited in Word 2003, and then run through the RTF engine, our documents “break”, meaning it causes the formatting to change radically.

We are currently developing a .NET application for a customer, and we are considering the purchase of Aspose.Word to handle documents in much the same way. Users would create templates in Word, insert database fields in them, and save them as an .rtf file Aspose.Word would then render the template into a document. What ramifications can our customers expect with Word versioning in a similar scenario to the one described above?


Thank you for considering Aspose.Word.

Unfortunately, import and export of .rtf files is still under development. We will surely implement it later. Is saving the templates in .doc format impossible meanwhile?