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.msg body and attachements on a digitaly signed message

When opening an .msg with digital certificate the body appears wrong and I can’t see the attachements.
Is there a way to solve this?



Thanks for considering Aspose.

We are looking into this issue. The Body property is null but MapiMessage.Attachments collection shows 1 attachment which is the digital certificate. Does it show count=0 at your side?

no, it shows the certificate as well.
I haven’t tested with an email with attachments but i tried to use Dimintry’s Redemption library in the past with signed emails and the body was returned ok but the only attachement returned (even when it had more) was the certificate…

I will test with an email with attachements then let you know.


By the way, we will have to send tasks to our company staff’s email from asp.net page is it possible to do it with aspose.network? I’ve haven’t found any information related to Task Requests but as for Task i saw a couple of things with webdav but couldn’t be sent to someone else.

With an email with attachements it only shows the certificate as well…

is it possible to cast a mapimessage as a mailmessage and use decrypt() ? will it solve ?

Another thing, is it possible to use exchangeclient to edit an item of the calendar (let’s say the start of the meeting?)

Finally, is it possible to assign tasks to someone else?

Thank you very much.

Hello, Carlos,

We are still working on this issue. It may take us some time to provide some solutions.

For exchangeclient, this feature is not supported. Could you please provide more detailed about your scenarios? We will discuss about it and work on it if possible.


Ok this is our situation:

We have an internal webportal (asp.net 3.5) where the production of the company is based. Each project is recorded on this webportal and among a lot of other things there is the possibility to schedule meetings between the staff of a certain project. The webportal runs as the user “ASPNET_SERVICE” wich has an exchange account as well as all the members of our company.
The webportal sends a “meeting request” to the emails of each member from it’s own exchange account so that “he” may receive the accepts and denys from each member.
We have a process wich uses WEBDAV to “read” the email messages of the webportal and accourding to a specific subject and type of message he knows where to change information on the database (so that the meeting status of the participants can be known by anyone who views the project’s page)

The organizer has a specific application to take to the meeting where he can log who is in the meeting, who left, at what time, the decisions made, etc (so that the company can determine the costs of the meeting, delays, etc) and finally it automaticaly generates a report of the meeting to be sent to each participant.

First problem found: the meeting request does not add an item to the webportal’s calendar.
Second problem found: when the organizer decides to change the date of the meeting, for example, because he made a mistake on the hour or something
(doing this with Redemption the meeting request sent leaves an item on the webportal’s calendar. then when a change is made to the meeting request all i have to do is access the calendar of the webportal on exchange, find that item, change the property and save and it automaticaly sends the updates to the participant’s meeting requests / calendar items)

I was also informed that MVCOM seems to work with digital certificates but their support is awfull.
Dimitry’s Redemption simply wasn’t made to be used on a service, specially web, and it returns a lot of problems as well as blocks .msg files when it returns an exception…

Your component is very interesting cause it’s very fast to obtain the msg properties and information… hopefully it will have more features in the future :wink:



You can use following code to decode the message. The attached dll is the latest hotfix.


MapiMessage msg = MapiMessage.FromFile(@"D:\emailAttach\smime.msg");

MailMessage eml = MailMessage.Load(@"D:\emailAttach\smime-part.eml");

I’ll try it then i’ll let you know how it works.

As for the other things i’ve said before like being able to acces the exchange account and register an appointment on the calendar and later search for it, will it be considered for development?


Works perfectly. Thank you very much.

As for Exchange developments anything?

Another question: having an outlook email .msg, can I open it, change the subject,body, from and to, and send it again? thanks

Forgot to ask if it’s possible to turn this posts not private because it would help other users who have the same problem, but blocking the email that i originaly posted for security reasons.


We are working on outlook message file (msg) editing features (loading, updating properties and then saving). Hopefully, it would be available in one of the coming releases.

You can make this post public by editing it and un-checking the "Private" checkbox.

And regarding email addresses, if you post in the forum, you can write it like email[at]domain.com. It would help in reducing spam emails. The email address that you gave in your profile is private. It cannot be seen by the public.

The “Keep this post private” box is disabled… i’m unable to change it.