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Multi Lingual Data in Excel


I need to create Excel file with multi-lingual data. Data source is from database which are stored in unicode. Is there any function in Aspose.Excel which can convert the unicode to appropriate language data in excel. Maybe supply the char set code as a parameter for the function.


Aspose.Excel supports Unicode characters. So you don’t need to do any conversions.

Lets say my database has unicode data “1í?±×êá?” which is chinese script.

By having Cell1.PutValue(“1í?±×êá?”, String), will it show the chinese characters when I open the excel file? Or is there a type I need to specify for Unicode?


If those string is unicode, you can use Cell.PutValue method directly put them into excel file. No other options need to be set.

I am from China, so chinese characters is fully supportedSmile.

But please be sure those characters are Unicode. Some users may use GB2312 or Big5. That’s not supported. Characters should be converted to Unicode.