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Multi-page Tiff image


I have a multipage tiff that i would like to insert in pdf. So for 2 page tiff it would add 2 pages of pdf in the existing pdf document. Is this something that is possible with pdf facade pdffilemend. Any advise is greatly appreciated.



Ok, i figured this out, I split the multipage tiff into individual tiff first and then added it to each page.

But now i am running into another issue, when i insert the tiff to pdf it doesn't cover all the page in the pdf

I used this coordinates

mender.AddImage(myimagestream, pageCount + j, 20, 20, 560, 900)

Do you know what coordinate would make sense here. or is there a trick to understand how to use this coordinates. I want the tiff to conver the entire page inside the page margins.


Hi Ujjwal,

Thanks for using our products.

In order to accomplish your requirement, I would suggest you to try using either of the following approaches.

Convert TIFF image to PDF format using Aspose.Pdf.Generator namespace and then concatenate the newly created PDF file with existing PDF document. For more information, please visit

Insert TIFF image in PDF file using XImage class where you can specify the dimensions of image in proportion to Page dimensions. You may also get the page dimensions and set the same values as image dimensions.

When using PdfFileMend, you may first get the page dimensions using PdfPageEditor class and then you can use this information to set image dimensions when adding images to PDF file. For further details, please visit Get PDF Page Properties from an Existing PDF File (Facades) Or once the images are added, you can update/resize the page according to its contents. For more information, please visit Resize Page Contents of Specific Pages in a PDF file (Facades)

In case you face any issue, please share the TIFF image as well as existing PDF file so that we can test the scenario at our end. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Thanks Nayyer for the quick response

Scenario 2 is exactly what i need.