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Multilayer numbering is not coming as expected

Form an uploaded document I am extracting content between hidden character.Then I converting this extracted node to an html string and storing in the database. I have to create another document same as input doc( all the content I will take from the uploaded doc) . While creating this another document some numbering is not coming like,

  1. Testing
    1.1. tests
    1.2. sample
    1.3. Items

In the newly created document with the xtracted html content showing

  1. Testing
    1 tests
    2 sample
    3 Items
    Like this. Not the exact numbering i put. I am attacheing my source code, input_doc,output_doc and expected_output. (596.4 KB)

Please check and give me a solution for it.


We are working on your query and will get back to you soon.