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Multiple Masters

I want to parse presentations which have multiple masters.
But I only can access one of them (with presentation.MainMaster).
The slides themselves give me different MasterIDs.
Is - or will be - there a way to get those other masters?


Dear FEZ,

You can find other master slides in the Presentation.Slides together with normal slides.
They have IDs from 0x80000001 to 0x8000FFFF.

I see… it’s that easy… Wink

Thanks for the fast reply!


Well, actually… NO, they do not show up

If have a presentation with two masters and two slides…
and presentation.slides only has TWO objects…
And none of them is one of the masters (although they DO have master IDs 0x80000001 and 0x80000002)

Slide m1 = pres.GetSlideById(0x80000001);
Works just fine with this Presentation
Slide m1 = pres.GetSlideById(0x80000002);
Does NOT work (Exception: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object ")

Somehow strange…

If you want to, I could send you the presentation so you could check it…

BTW: Is there a way to find out which version of Aspose.PowerPoint is installed on the machine? If not, just include a little ChangeHistory-File in the Installer (would be nice, if one could check the version he uses)


Dear FEZ,

1. Don’t write constant values because each presentation can have different master IDs.
Use something like this:
Slide s = pres.GetSlideById(anotherSlide.MasterId);
If it doesn’t work please send me this ppt.

2. Version of Aspose.PowerPoint is visible in Visual Studio or Explorer.