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Multithreading Supported by Aspose.Words for .NET so to Convert Word Files to PDF and do Processing Simultaneously

I am not sure if this is THE forum to post this question to, but I am going to post it here, because I know it is at least partially correct since it deals with Word...
To give you a quick background, so you know where I am coming from; I am new to my company, so I do not know all the details of everything that is taking place, but this is what I do know:
We have functionality that uses your tools to generate files through a classic ASP application, and everything is working well; they are just running single threaded. The process was designed like this because the Aspose tools were not multithreaded when we first purchased them (I am unsure of the date, but it was at *least* 18 months ago). I do know we got one update, (though our internal documentation available to me), and at the reception of that update, this issue was not fixed.
How our process works: Clients select different criteria with which to generate a report. When a client clicks "process request", the job is logged into a table. A service is set up on the server to see if there are any jobs which need to be executed. If there is one there, it begins to process that one job through your tools; but if there any other jobs to be processed, they have to wait for the first one to complete. The files can be output to MS Word format, MS Excel, PDF and Text (CSV) formats and placed on a web share directory, making the files available for download to the client.
Like I said, everything is working, but when someone wants a report with 4,000 records, and someone wants one with 5, the person with 5 has to wait for the larger one to run, often taking many (i.e. up to 15 mines) to run. As of now, the server is 100% dedicated to checking to see if there are any jobs to run, and execute them if so. I highly doubt it is the server, for it is a Windows 2000 SP4 box with dual Xenon 2.8Ghz processors and dual 146G, 10K SCSI hard drives in RAID1 configuration. How big are the reports you may ask? Basically Address information put into a Word, Excel, PDF etc template.
In an effort to eradicate the delay for the small jobs to run, can your tools run multithreaded yet? We have a tricked out dual processor server with one processor idle while our clients are waiting...
Thanks in advance!


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Our component supports multithreading and creating several reports at the same time should work perfectly, but make sure that you are using separate Document object per each thread. One thread should use one Document object.