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My Aspose Questions


A couple of questions before I download the demo!

Most of my clients are behind secure firewalls - does Aspose.Excel run solely over port 80? Are there any firewall issues that I should be aware of?
Is it easy to embed images?
Is it easy to generate multi-sheet workbooks?


Andy C

Also - can I generate spreadsheets direct to a browser window without saving them to disk?

Aspose.Excel is a pure dotnet component which can be used in Winform applications and Web applications. It supports on multi-ports. You can deploy Aspose.Excel as any other web applications.

It’s easy to embed images and generate multi-sheet worksheets, just importing a designer file or a few lines of code.

You can save spreadsheets on disk, direct them to a browser window without saving them to disk, or direct to an Excel window without saving.

Please download Aspose.Excel and have a try. You can find many useful features.


Many thanks, I’ve downloaded the evaluation copy and I’m looking at it in greater detail.