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My questions regarding your Aspose.Words product


At present, I am using Microsoft office DLLs for finding and replacing some text in MS Word documents on server side of an ASP.NET application but I realized that Microsoft Office automations have some restricition to run on server side for a mutli-user environment such as a ASP.NET web application.

So with regarding this, I have the following questions:

1- Is your Aspose.Words product designed to run on server side in a multi-user concurrent user environement such as ASP.NET?

2- Does Aspose.Words have functions for openning a MS Word Doc on the server side, find some text and replace that text with something and finally save the file.? At present, I am using Microsoft DLLs such as and interop.word.dll to do this but as I mentioned earlier, they are not designed for server side multi-user environment.

If your answer to the above questions are "Yes", which product(s) do I need to purchanse? I am using VS 2008, C# and ASP.NET for developing my web app.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and regards,

Siamak Shirzad

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1. Yes, you can use Aspose.Words on server side in a multi-users concurrent.

2. Yes, you can do it using Aspose.Words. You can learn more about Replace method in our documentation:

In your case you should purchase Aspose.Words for .NET. You can download the latest version from here:

Best regards,