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Named cells change sheet after deleting a preceding sheet


We stumbled upon an issue while using the latest Cells Java version (7.0.2).
You can replicate it with the attached sample.

The test.xls file contains 4 sheets. Sheet1 is a “template” - it is duplicated a number of times and then it should be removed from the workbook. It also has a cell (B3) which contains a reference to a named cell (TEST).
The TEST name has the Workbook scope, so it should be accessible by from any worksheet. It is also pointing to the cell A1 in Sheet3 (so the formula is “=Sheet3!$A$1”).

If we leave the template sheet in the file, the TEST formula does not change.

If we remove the template sheet in the file, the TEST formula changes the worksheet to the one to the right of the correct one. So, the formula changes from “=Sheet3!$A$1” to “=Sheet4!$A$1”.


P.S. On an unrelated subject, all sections of the Aspose website have a strange issue - after some time spend on a page (for example, when I was writing this post), all the website becomes unresponsive.
My browser (Firefox 7.0.1, Win XP) is ok, I can switch tabs, go to new URLs etc. But the Aspose website doesn’t respond to any mouse clicks or key presses (only visible keys fit here, TAB and other browser shortcuts still work).
I was able to “unfreeze” it by pressing TAB until the focus was on a webpage element and then opening the context menu (using the special key on the keyboard, because right-click does nothing). It also unfreezes itself after some undetermined time.

Hi Sorin,

Thanks for sharing the project with your template file. After an initial test, I am able to reproduce the issue as you have mentioned. I have logged a ticket with an id: CELLSJAVA-40008. We will soon figure it out.

For your other issue regarding Aspose Website, I do not find this issue although I use Google chrome and Firefox as well to work several hours at a stretch. The different modules of Aspose site work fine. Anyways I will ask relevant web team if they can investigate your issue.

Thank you.


Well you may use:


instead of:


in your code. I have tested and it works fine. So, we recommend you kindly avoid to use the method: remove(Object) for all collections because the API might be removed or re-built in later versions.

Thank you.


I tested after replacing the remove method and the issue no longer occurred.
Thanks for your support.