Namespace DocumentProperties could not be found


I added these directives to my page:

using Aspose.Word;

using Aspose.Word.Reporting;

I am attempting to walk through the example for CustomDocumentProperties in the Aspose.Word documentation.

Document doc = new Document("MyDocument.doc");

DocumentProperties customProperties = doc.CustomDocumentProperties;

VS2003 throws error during a build because it cannot find type or namespace for DocumentProperties. What am I missing?

Regards to all



Hi Neil,

Sorry some examples in our Wiki documentation seem to be out of date. We removed the DocumentProperties class, and Document.CustomDocumentProperties now returns a CustomDocumentProperties object. We will update our documentation very soon.


Please provide me with c# examples utilizing CustomDocumentProperties and the most up to date documentation since the present documentation is out of sync with the present API. The examples do not work with the CustomDocumentProperties. I would like to dedicate this weekend to development and would greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter.




I've updated the article in our Programmer's Guide dedicated to the document properties:

The whole guide will be updated very soon. For the time being, if you notice that some example from there does not work, please see the API Reference or the demo projects since they are always in sync with the current API.


thank you