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Need a .Net Dll


I am a System Developer working in Norway,Europe.Our company requirement is that we need a Dll which can convert the text in RTF on desktop application to HTML on web and vice versa and the changes in any one of them need to real time.
Do you have any product which we can use in above situation.
In most of the converters there is loss of data,which we don’t want.

An early reponse is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

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Thank you for your inquiry.
Conversion from RTF to HTML and back can be performed with Aspose.Words. But there are some restrictions on them. It would be better if you show us any particular documents and we’ll consider differences. Some of them can be fixed or worked-around but other cannot.
We don’t promise 100% fidelity. Converting to HTML we try to produce output closer to what we get from MS Word. But some MS Word features don’t map directly to “non-native” formats (HTML, PDF). In HTML standard some features don’t even define a-must behavior and delegate degrees of freedom to visual agents (browsers). Of course you know that different browsers can render same pages differently. MS Word uses some “magic” to roundtrip documents closer. Our design principle is to avoid it wherever possible because of complaints on non-standard techniques in HTML produced by MS Word. It exports almost everything that can be in documents but you can see how it is achieved if you open their HTML as text.
As I already wrote let’s discuss particular cases and we’ll possibly come to solutions. You can evaluate Aspose.Words for free. Please follow the link to download the latest version:
Please feel free to ask further questions. You feedback is important for us and much appreciated.

My application is PC based and web based. User enters data in RTF format in PC application. The same has to be reflected on web application. For this I need dll or application which does the same. How can Aspose word help, i.e can I use APIs provided by Aspose word to do same.

Thank you for clarification.
I think you don’t need to convert RTF to HTML and back everytime a document is edited in desktop or web application. In web you should use a control able to edit RTF natively, without any conversions.