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Need Ability To Lock Presentations


We are using Aspose.Slides for Java, and our client wants us to be able to “lock” the presentations we are generating so that the user cannot re-order the slides, or edit them in any way. We are already exporting each slide to a jpg, then creating new presentation with just the jpg’s, but the client is not satisfied with this solution. Do you have any other way to lock a presentation? Powerpoint lets you save as Quicktime or Package - I also heard you can create Flash from powerpoint slides. What do you suggest we do? Thanks,


Dear Greg,

Aspose.Slides doesn't provide the feature to lock presentation. So you have to use other workarounds, for example, you can create slide images and insert them into the PDF or Flash, using Aspose.PDF or Aspose.Flash etc.


We have Aspose.Slides for Java and need to lock presentations upon download - is there a way, besides creating images or PDFs, that a presentation can be locked to prevent editing, while leaving it is powerpoint format (.PPT , etc.)


Dear Greg,

I regret to inform you that currently the presentation locking feature is not supported by Aspose.Slides for Java. A requirement with ID 15128 has been logged in our issue tracking system in order investigate the psooibility to support this feature. This thread has also been associated with this issue ID, so that you can be automatically notified as soon as this feature becomes available.

We are sorry for the nuisance.

Dear Greg,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have good news to share with you, i.e. Aspose.Slides support presentation locking feature. This is a unique feature of Aspose.Slides that is even unavailable with MS PowerPoint.

The feature works by protecting each shape in the class. This way, you have the control available on shape level that what privileges should be given to a particular shape. Please use the code snippet mentioned below for slide shapes in your presentation. Please also visit this documentation link for further details.

Shape.Protection = Aspose.Slides.ShapeProtection.LockSelect;

Please feel free to ask if you have any further inquiries.

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Greg,

Please use the code snippet given below to get an idea of how to implement shape protection feature in PPT using Aspose.Slides for .NET.

//Opening a presentation instance

Presentation pr = new Presentation("D://ppt//modified.ppt");

//Accessing the first slide

Slide sl = pr.Slides[0];

//Adding Shape to slide

Shape shp = sl.Shapes.AddRectangle(222, 444, 1666, 777);

//protecting the shape with no select, no change text and position locking

shp.Protection = ShapeProtection.LockSelect | ShapeProtection.LockText | ShapeProtection.LockPosition;

//Adding text frame

TextFrame tf = shp.AddTextFrame("Aspose.Slides");


Thanks and Regards,