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Need access to SlicerCache.SlicerCacheLevels


We have a slicer which is connected to a DataTable. I can see in the Microsoft documentation doc that is an OLAP datasource and in this case the data is available via the SlicerCacheLevels object. Unfortunately this is not implemented in Aspose.Cells. Is there any chance this will be added soon? Is there an option to buy this feature?
It should be here


Yes, it is not implemented in SlicerCache APIs. We can log a ticket for investigation and can look into it. Could you also provide a sample Excel file containing a slicer is conneced to DataTable which is an OLAP datasource where data can be made available via SlicerCacheLevels.

PS. please zip the Excel file prior attaching here.

Slicer Data (36.1 KB)


I have attached the excel file which has a slicer on sheet2 and that is connected to a data model.
I have tested it, the SlicerCacheItems object is empty. If you want to recreate it in excel just go to Insert -> Slicer -> DataModel tab

Please let me know your findings.
Thank you.


Thanks for the sample file.

We have logged a ticket for investigations. We will check if we could support your needs. The ticket is logged as following:
CELLSNET-48137 - Provide access to SlicerCache.SlicerCacheLevels (Slicer with data model)

We will look into it soon. Once we have an update on it, we will let you know here.

Hi @Amjad_Sahi,
Is there an update on this? We are about to spend significant resources on these to make a workaround.

We are gathering information in this regard and will share update at the earliest.

We have tried our best to fulfill this requirement but due to its complexity we are not able to sort it out. Therefore we can’t support this feature for the time being and apologize for the inconvenience.