Need aspose.powerpoint 1.4 key



Sales ask me to repost one of my questions here:

How can I use a license key that I purchase now for aspose.powerpoint 1.4 version aspose.powerpoint?

I have an application that I built using aspose.powerpoint 1.4, it is almost completely tested and I definitely cannot switch to aspose.slides at this point. Using a different version or different product would mean that I have to put our application through a full QA cylce for a second time which would be too expensive.

Can I use the aspose.slides license key with aspose.powerpoint 1.4 or do I have to ask sales to generate an “old” aspose.powerpoint key?

Thank you!



As I wrote it’s not possible to use new aspose.slides keys with
old aspose.powerpoint so you need aspose.powerpoint key.

Another thing. Why you need to do testing again?
Aspose.Slides is absolutely the same product but with new name.


Aside from the name change there are differences between the 1.4 version we did our QA with and the version of the new product that you are now selling. If you look at your own forums you will see that upgrading even between minor bug fix release has broken your customer’s code. So it is safe to assume that there are difference that we need to test for to make sure things are working.

We are a small company that doesn’t have the resource to run our program through a full QA cycle again. I will talk to sales to make sure I get a 1.4 key not a 1.5 key.

Thank you!