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Need details about 2 bug fixes in Cells 4.0.2

Laurence, could you please provide details about the following bug fixes in Aspose.Cells 4.0.2?

  • Fixed bug while loading file with UNC hyperlinks
  • Fixed bug in formatting cells with an Aspose created Excel file in some cases
  • We are about to deploy an application and need to assess whether the above bugs could impact our customers. Thank you.

    1. UNC hyperlinks bug

    In old version of Aspose.Cells, if your Excel file contains hyperlinks which links to a file with UNC path, Aspose.Cells may fail to load it. The path of UNC hyperlink may be \\Server\\book1.xls.

    If your template files don't contain UNC hyperlinks, old version will work fine for you. If they do contain those hyperlinks, please verify it with your current used version.

    2.Fixed bug in formatting cells with an Aspose created Excel file in some cases.

    In old version, when you formatting cells with a named style, the file can be created successfully and opened in MS Excel without problem. However, if you click those cells in MS Excel, and choose "Format" ->"Style" from Excel menu, it may crash MS Excel.

    This bug occurs in some of of previous version but not all.

    Thank you for the clarification. Both of these bugs exist in version

    I am not sure. Maybe first exists but second doesn't.

    If it won't take you much effort for a regression test, it's better to upgrade to v4.0.2.