Need help in assessing Aspose.PDF task and picking the right version



I have used Aspose.Word before and was very happy with it. I have not used PDF though. A client needs to output to PDF the file that I have placed at . Would you be so kind to briefly review the file and let me know, in general terms, how time-consuming the production of this document would be? (Something like a snap/a few hours/a couple of days type of overview.) Also, I need to know what version of Aspose.PDF would do the trick. The two top sections of the document are populated with individual values from the database, while the Part Number/Description section will have a varied amount of entries based on a record.

I appreciate in advance your help in getting this going.

Thank you,

Anatoly Molotkov


Dear Anatoly,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Your document seems not complexed. If you are familiar with Aspose.Pdf, you can finish your work in one 2 two hours. If you are a beginner of this product, you may need extra a few hours to read the programmer’s guide and the API documentation. You need the latest version since most known bugs are fixed in the latest version.